Thursday, July 8, 2010

This is how I draw, man!!

SO I have to speak in the Hangar (youth ministry) at FCC this weekend and I am SO stoked. I am so excited, I just might throw up... no big deal, right? This summer, we are doing a series called, "Summer of Love." What is that, you may ask... well... basically, we are taking 10 weeks of this summer to talk to students about giving, receiving, accepting love by checking out scripture to see what Jesus says about love.

ANYWAYS so we have a super funny video... everything is 70's-ish style. Kyle wanted to make videos with Old Navy mannequins... awkward, right? But we soon decided that was strange so we are making funny video clips or series teasers with the Brady Bunch and the Partridge Family. We may be awkward, quirky, silly, but you know what - we youth workers at FCC are pretty darn funny and I think this series is gonna be awesome!

My message with be specifically about John 15: 9-17. I will be talking about how Christ has called us to love. His greatest commandment is love and we are called to take action and go out into the world and share it.

Brett Wilson told me a story a few weeks ago when we went to the beach about a drawing she once made. Imagine little Brett at her desk scribbling about with crayons with weird names like macaroni and cheese, razzle dazzle and jazz berry jam. (For more fun Crayola crayon names, check out That day, Brett decided to draw and color the beach. She drew a line and colored it blue below to illustrate the ocean and repeated the same action for the sky above - both using lines to indicate a separation of the two. Her teacher commented on her art and said something to the effect of, "Why did you use lines to illustrate the water and sky like that?" Why did Brett do that!? When we are children, we draw what we can see. We cannot begin to conceive the idea that the ocean and sky continue on forever and ever - we can only see so much with our eyes. The best way to fully understand the ocean or the sky is to experience it - swim in the ocean, better yet, jump on a sail boat, fly in a plane - something that will help us understand that there is more out there than we can possibly understand. More out there than the eye can see.

Here is Brett... She loves horses...? <3

I bet Brett's picture looked something like this...

My point is this: love is the same way. We can see love as just a word, but it won't mean much to us unless we experience it: give it, receive it, accept it, show it, etc. We are called to be people of love and love each other as Christ has loved us. This image and idea of Brett's artwork of the ocean is a great way to understand that there is so much to discover about the love our Lord has given us. He has presented so many examples in the Word, but there is so much to explore in this area that we will be constantly seeking it out for the rest of our lives.

Wish me luck and say a prayer for my talk in the Hangar. It stink that Kyle, Jess, and Chelsea will be gone on a missions trip during that time, but I have some friends who will visit and support me.

Peace and LOVE!

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  1. I love you, Eli. And YES that is the EXACT drawing! Remarkable! :)